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Ehsas Programe

During the covid-19 in lockdown, people will not have jobs no sources of income, poverty spread everywhere. In this situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ahsas program by giving 14000 to the poor to fulfill their essential needs. Protecting the nation from poverty and for social safety started the Ahsas program in March 2019.

Find Location By Phone Number Apk

Find Location by Phone Number Sometimes forget the car location where we parked or sometimes we displace our mobile phone. In an emergency, the condition wants to share location with any trustworthy people. That secure from the particular condition. Sometimes we lost mobile want to trace, but unfortunately, many companies demand a lot of many.

WhatsApp Chat Locker Application

WhatsApp is the most using app in our daily routine, Whatsapp has changed our life indirectly. WhatsApp does not provide you the chat lock feature, you may have some private chats and you want that nobody opens your chats then this application will solve your problem you can put a lock on your chats, apply

Files by google Apk

Files by Google Google was first registered in 1997, and goggle gained attention in 2003. Google is the company that makes its market value as a search engine initial now google makes fabulous apps that include Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Play, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Lens, Google Sky

Al-Shafie Application

  Al-Shafie App Everyone wants to follow their religion strictly, but some circumstances deviate attention from others’ paths. That takes away from reality. In the case of the Muslim world is the examination hall. All humans receive their reward on the Day of Judgment. Every Muslim wants Jinnah. So it’s necessary to follow the pathway

Ramzan Ringtone Music Apk

Ramzan Ringtone Music Apk We respect Ramdan and avoid all these things which disobey Ramdan, avoid to listening music, eating in front of others, abusing others, we avoid all these things but we don’t notice our mobile music ringtone, this is a crime. To avoid this thing we use an Islamic ringtone. Ramadan ringtone application