Earn Money By Making Tools Websites


How Can You Earn Money Without Building Writing Websites

In 2023 you can build a stable online income without worrying about blog posts, writing content ideas and waiting for Google for six months to rank your website.

In this blog, we are going to cover the following  precious ideas

What Is New For You?

First, we are going to build what is this special type of website that you can make money from without writing any blog posts, of course, I’m not going to write about e-commerce or selling products, or Drop Shipping. you don’t need any paid ads.

How To Build This Type of Website

Second, how to build this website I will share with you some secrets from my own websites or my own business to help you build something really super fast. I will tell you how the building such kinds of websites with one or multiple tools.

1:”IDEAS” That Are New For You

1: Large File Sender

large file sender a simple tool that allows you to send files over the Internet

2: Fast domain simple tool

Fast is a simple tool that allows you to search for domain names

3:ext Sharing Tool

Text sharing is a simple tool that allows you to share text over the Internet.

2: How To Build These Types of Websites

     There are some secrets about how I built these tools especially the AI tools and how you can do the same without being a developer or coding and so on. So, there mainly four ways to develop these kinds of websites.

A: First Way

Go to Gold Canyon to buy a script hosted white label but be careful if thousands of people went to code Kai and bold exactly the same scripts the competition will be very high.

So, a simple piece of advice if you want to go to code make sure firstly, to pick the right scripts and hike wild scripts.

Secondly, check the competition.

Third, make sure why it is labeled.

 B: Second Way

The second way to Build a tool’s website is simply by hiring a developer. If you have an idea and you have a budget you can always go to freelancer.com, or Upwork and hire someone to develop your tool.

C: 3rd Way

Using no-code tools like webflow, bubble.io, or using semi-nocode tools, and Anvil. For Example, Anvil is a tool with one line of code with python. And the interface is simple to drag and drop. In a couple of minutes, you can build a tool. And what’s nice you can also embed the tool inside the WordPress website



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