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In this post, I’m going to tell you what I think is one of the easiest ways that I’ve found to make money online over the last four years of making thousands of dollars. When I started out to write this article my goal was to find something that you the new person with no experience no big skills not a lot of money can actually do. And get results really fast which are similar to the results that the experienced ones are getting that have been doing this for years.

Here I want to tell you about an app that will be the best app to earn money in 2023. this app is currently offering a ten thousand dollar giveaway and you can win amazing prizes as well all you have to do is be a user refer a friend and make sure they’re actively using the app.


The name of the app is Honeygame. It is a free internet-sharing app that lets people earn passive income effortlessly. After using this you won’t become a  millionaire but honeygame can help you to cover your daily expenses.

 How It Honeygame App Works

Now let’s learn how this app actually works,  as honeygame runs in a background task on various devices you can earn money by sharing your internet connection from the comfort of your own home the internet is used to gather bits of public information from the web like compare prices from different regions

Where You Can Find Setup Of This App is the official page of this site where you can see set up an app on your device run it in the background and earn money for all the traffic you shared and can choose to receive payouts in PayPal or in the crypto wallet and you will get a five dollars bonus if you join using code provided by your referral.


How One Can Register His Self

You can register yourself while going to the above-mentioned website address.

What Is A Luck pot

You can boost your earnings with free credits from their lucky pot program or by referring a friend so you will get a chance to spin luckypod to get free credits daily lucky pot is a part of the honeygain experience that allows users to win up to 10 000 credits or ten dollars every day by simply checking their app or dashboard.

 Now let’s learn How Lucky Spin Works

     To open luckypot you must share at least 15 megabytes of Internet bandwidth  please note that you must claim luckypot . Winnings the same day after you’ve shared 15 megabytes of Internet bandwidth you can open luckypot only once a day if you meet these conditions.

You should be able to see the open lucky pot button on the right side of the dashboard if you are on the mobile version you should see the lucky pod icon at the very top of the dashboard.

After you have opened the lock pot you will see a pop-up with a button called open lucky pod click on it to open lucky pot then you will be presented with how much you want credits will be added to your earnings instantly.

One More Way To Earn Money From This App

     Another way to make more money with this app is to participate in the referral program now let’s learn how do referrals work. Once you invite your friends to sign up for an account . Your Friends start sharing their internet bandwidth with honeygain a 10 bonus of their daily earnings will be added to your account. please note that only the actual earnings of your referrals are countedthat means that you would not get the 10 of their five dollar.

Sign up bonus or income from their own referrals also your friends who signs up for a new account using a referral link or code will receive five dollars worth of credits into their total credit count and if you had switched to jump task mode. It is irrelevant whether or not your referrals did too. You would still receive the 10 bonus of your referrals earnings to your jump task wallet.

Inviting more friends to sign up and use honeygain just make sure that make sure they’re actively using the app once your referral gathers 200 megabytes of traffic on their honeygain account that week you automatically participate in the contest they will randomly select winners every week and you can get a chance to win amazing prizes without any hard work the winner will be chosen randomly and notified via the email address provided in their honeygain account. The winner will allow 14 days for the prize to be delivered.

Honeygain Is Safe Or Not

     Now let’s see if honeygain is safe or not. As you can see there,  honeygain ensures that your internet traffic is only used by trusted partners and the app never asks for gains access to the storage of your device. They don’t gather any personal data from users. The only data they will

access is what will be necessary for the service this includes your email address, your IP address, and your chosen payout .

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