Give Reviews Get Money: Online Money Earning Website

Capterra is a website where you can get money for your reviews. when you sign up on Capterra you would find several familiar apps. among which you can give a review of an app with which you are familiar. remember that your user experience with that app should be more than six months. hence when you submit your review you would get your reward in just 24 hours. But How!

How to submit reviews on Capterra

1: when you visit the website named Capterra, first of all, you have to sign up for this website.

2: Now you have to fill in all information that is related to you.

3: You will receive a code in your email

4: You will see several familiar applications.

5: Select one of them

6: Fill out the given app-related form before your review

7: Now give your review based on authentic information

8: Submit your review and get your money in the next 24 hours

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