Google Translator Apk For Android

Different people are all around the world, and they speak different languages and we don’t understand all the languages. We use different social media applications, and interact with different people, they are from different areas and use different languages according to their area. Not everyone will know all languages, But now you do not need to worry about it.  

Google translator has solved the problem, you can translate the text into different languages, English, Urdu, Chines, Korean, Panjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Hindi, Marathi, Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, etc. It will translate a maximum of 108 languages. Google translator will help you to translate the voice and also have the feature of an images translator. Google translator is a neural machine translation which is developed by Google. This application is run on a web server. While traveling to foran countries you see different commercial and job posters, and you understand the language then click a picture and translate it from Google translator. 

This application has solved our biggest problem. This application will translate text, and images, when you are offline and, have no internet connection. This application has a very simple format and is easy to use, and is completely safe, no annoying ads are added to it. This is the most using translator application.

Some benefits of the application are given below:

This application is more beneficial for the student while searching, they find something which is not understood then they translate it into the easy language, translate Urdu into English, and many other languages. 

This application is for free and gives you the fastest results, and is most convenient. Humans cannot compete with the speed of Google, really fast translate your documents in just your eye blink without any text limitation, professionals use 2500 words on average in a day.

Google translator is free, there is nothing cost to use the Google translator, you must have an internet connection then your document is translated for free.

It translates the voice, you can record the voice and translate it in your language, also translate the call recording business meetings recordings, when sometimes you have no time to type the text, then this is more beneficial for you.

Google translator is convenient, you are dealing with different people and they all are from a different area, then translate the text into other languages and delivered the messages, and people will easily understand it.

Features of Google translator:

Text translation: You can translate 108 languages through the text.

Tap to Translate: Copy the text which you want to translate, and paste it into Google translator, tap to translate, it will translate it to all the languages you want.

Offline: You can translate the texts when you are offline and have no internet connection, it supports 59 languages offline.

Instant camera translation: This will instantly translate the images, also from the gallery, and instantly click the picture, this feature will support 94 languages.

Photo: You can take a photo from the gallery and translate it.

Conversation: This will translate the bilingual conversation, this feature support almost 70 languages.

Handwriting: You can also draw the text, and images, this will translate, text and images, this feature support almost 96 languages.

PhraseBook: Through this feature, you can save and star the texts that you have translated.

Transcribe: Translate continuously that someone is speaking a different language in near- real-time, supporting a maximum of 9 languages.

How to use:

  • Install the Google translator application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Select the language.
  • Type text, record the audio, and also import and click the text images.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the multiple features of the application.


This application is offered by Google lnc. This mobile application needs some permissions to access the mobile phone.

The following permissions are given below:

  • This application has access to a microphone to record the audio.
  • This will read your text messages. 
  • Find accounts on the device, and add or remove the accounts.
  • Find contacts on the device.
  • Access to storage to read and modify the deleted content of the SD card.
  • Reads the content of USB storage.

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