Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock

Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock

Everyone wants a personal space, needs projection. Do you have friends that interfere in your personal zone but wants a private space? Are you have number of compactors who wants to take control on your life. Are your business owners whom have numbers of important files that are important? Do you have some personal picture or that which you want to save? And a clock that gives complete time details? Are fed up for being late? 

Do you have toxic surrounding that are which wants to disgrace yourself. Are you suffering from these problems wants a relief from them? So do not worry there are numbers of app are available in the market which gives personal space and maintain your security. These apps include Clock Vault – Hide Photos, Videos & Hide Files, Clock Photo Locker – Keep Safe Secret Clock Vault, Photo, Video Locker – Calculator, App lock password – Lock apps, Hide Photos, Video and App Lock – Hide it Pro, Keep Lock – App Lock & Protect Privacy and many more apps are available.

Here present Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock

One of the highly rate app on the google paly and apple play is Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock. This app offers incredible feature that protect the privacy as well as gives you relief from toxic people. And most amazingly this app is also offers incredible features like time lock, hide files and etc.  


Now here is the question how to access this app, how2 make account on this app, is it paid service or not and how can it gives to security. Let’s find out the answers of these question one by one 

Starts from the first question 

How to access this app?

  • It is the simple procedure through which you can install these incredible apps (Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock by apps Annona) in your device. 
  • The first and the simple step is that visit to the google play and apple play store.
  •  Then search the app by mentioning the producers then install this app on your smart device.
  •  Then makes an account by sharing your basic details that details include which kind of call make you uncomfortable, name, email account, number. 
  • And for the security connect this app with you google account. 
  • After that connect this app to the apps which you want to hide. 
  • By managing notification connect the app which you want to hide.

Let’s discuss the answer of second question 

Like any other application out there, this app has some certain features unique to it, these features allow you to utilize the this to the fullest and help you get the best of it.


Following are some of the feature’s the app hold:

  • Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock is easy to operate.
  • Gives secure based platform to the user.
  • You do not have to purchase, its free of cost.
  • Offers different design.
  • Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock protected by google play and apple play store.
  • Do not create storage issues 
  • Unlimited space offers for storage of documents, picture and videos. 


As by the name of the app, Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock to a random person this app will look normally like an application that is used to see time set alarms, with different templates, but behind it you can secure your personal/private data that you don’t want others to see. Every picture, every video, every document and etc. will be secured In this application behind the time clock, only to be accessible by you alone, by using a password you set.

Hide your data 


While on the other hand if you can hide important pictures and videos you can also hide APK (Android application Package) files that you do not want others to access to. This is a good application for you if you are not an open person and want to secure your data to the fullest.

Following apps can be locked with this application.

  1. Messenger 
  2. Gallery 
  3. File manager
  4. WhatsApp 
  5. Instagram 


for the sake of entertainment apps offers number of theme of clock. Which makes your device more attractive. 


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