Pixel Lab App For Android

We take pictures at a different places, go anywhere, mealing, have fun with friends, enjoy with family, we capture pictures and record videos for the sake of good memories.  After taking pictures you want to edit them, change the background or add text, or stickers and edit the picture.

We use different applications to edit the pictures. Add different text to pictures, apply the great effect to images, adding text with different styles of font. Use different applications to photoshop the pictures.  For adding the text to the picture install the pixel lab application. Add beautiful stickers, multi-fonts, 3D fonts, background removal, use predefined presets, add depth to text using emboss, add definitions to using text textures, make a curve text, Draw your text and added to the picture, save the final image when you did. 

This application is completely safe, will not save your pictures on the server, import the pictures into the gallery.

Go to the premium and unlock the more features of the pixel Lab application. No need to worry about the app, this is free, will never harm your device, never drain the battery power, and never collects any personal information. It contains ads, the developer adds some ads to it.   

Uses of Pixel Lab:

You can add all kinds of elements, and create the composition that fit your need.

It helps to make a presentation, add pictures to the slide and then add text to the picture.

Use for making a cover photo, the cover photo for video.

Use to change the background of the picture, and add text, and stickers to the picture or background.

Make tutorial videos and add text at pictures to understand. 

Use many motivational quotes.

Add poetry to pictures, by using different font styles.

Features of Pixel Lab:

Text: Add and customize the text with as many objects as you want.

3D text effects: You can create a 3D text on the top of images, and make cool posters. 

Text effects: Make the text and apply the dozen of effects on it, like a shadow, inner shadow, stroke events, and 3D text.

Text color: Set the text and apply the different colors to the text.

Stickers: Add stickers, emojis, and many shapes as you want.

Import images: Add images from Gallary, apply stickers or composite two images.

Draw: Pick a pen and then draw a different creative art at the picture, or background, resize it, rotate it.

Change the background: Make a different background, and decorate it with stickers, a color, a gradient, or an image.

Save as a project: You can make it as a project, which will be found for use after closing the app.

Edit image perspective: Now you can perform the perspective edit, replace the content, and add different watermarks, logos, and boxes.

Image effect: Increase the beauty of the picture by using the different available effects, and give it a more creative and adorable look.

Export your images: This application has the feature of quick sharing, you can share your edit with your friends by using different apps.

Create mems: Using the memes preset, you can easily ready the memes, and also share them with friends.

Browse quotes: Insert different quotes, or make quotes.


This application is offered by the app holdings. The application wants the following permissions needed to access the mobile phone;

Read and modify the deleted content of USB storage.

Access to your media file.

View full network connection.

Set an alarm.

Prevents your phone from sleeping.

Wants full network access.

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