Notification reader

 Do not miss out on your important messages, games notifications, or different notifications from different apps. If are busy and have no time to read the notification. If you are in traveling or driving, and you have no time to pick up your mobile phone and you missed out on your important messages and notifications.

Now you do not need to worry about it. Install the Notification reader application, and relax about the important notifications. This application will read out your notifications and saves your important messages, now you will never miss out on your important notifications. It will read out a notification if you don’t read the notifications. Sometimes if you have missed the calls then this will save your calls and update you, when you are free then you can call back.

This will read the game’s notification, also tells you about the battery power, location, and battery charging statement, and also provides you the more customizing options. This application is completely safe, doesn’t harm your device, and never drains the battery power. This application has a very easy format to use, install the application and enjoy the multiple features of the application. This will not steal your information or any personal data. 

Comforts of Notification reader application:

Some benefits of notification reader are given below

  • You do not need to open every app and check them out, just open the notification reader app and check all the notifications.
  • Saves your important messages.
  • You use different social media applications, this will manage all notifications, and mark them as read.
  • Updates you about the battery power that how much time it will take to charge, also reminds you to charge it again.
  • It is also the location launcher, this will inform you about the location.
  • Provides you with a lot of customizing options.
  • Reminds you that you have missed the phone calls.
  • Also reads the text messages.
  • Push the notification and receive the real-time from the mobile application.
  • Best for all the users, no need of logging into the app.
  • No one can read the notifications
  • It is an opportunity to interact with app users when they are not using the app.
  • It removes some extra steps just tap on the notification and go to the app with a single tap.
  • Having a very easy format, easy to use.

Features of Notification reader:

  • Announce the battery level, the battery is fully charged or the battery is low.
  • Location finder.
  • Reminds you via voice, voice reminder.
  • Announce the caller’s name while the phone is ringing.
  • Reads the text messages.
  • Read out the games notification.
  • Able to read the message content.
  • Disable the read the content from an unknown number.
  • Repeat the announcement.
  • Shake the mobile phone it will be mute automatically.
  • Announce the history.
  • Master control.
  • Customize prefixes.
  • It has an option to shout only the app name. 

How to use the Notification reader application:

Install the “Notification Reader” application from the google play store.

 Open the application.

Select the language.

Allow the Shouter to access your contacts.

Read all the policies and click on yes,

Select the Shouter apps and enable them.

Set up the application and enjoy the more customize feature of the Notification reader application.


This application is offered by BHK, and released on, Aug9, 2014. This application wants some permissions to access the mobile.

Following permissions are needed to access the mobile:

It may request access to contacts to read your contacts.

Access to the phone to read the call status.

View network connections.

Receive data from the internet.

Full network access.

Prevents your phone from sleeping.

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