Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos & video Apk

Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video

Have you ever feel that there is no personal space, no personal lab? You are surrounded with ego centric people that they want to be self-centered. Or wants to how now about your life. Such kind persons interfere in the second person’s life. 

Do want some extra space wants to hide some files from others. have you wants to save data in terms of picture videos. And fad up by paying premium to different companies and they are not trust worthy. You are afraid of. Do you have some people that’s wants to spy on you and wants your data? And wants to use data against you. Need some secure base that protect you from double face people. 


Everyone having some incredible movement that they want to save for long time. But at the same time do not wants to share with someone. At the same time some people always around us that wants to interfere and control on others life.

Do you have business competitors that’s are wants to find weak points? By seeing these problems many apps are recently launch in the market that is beneficial for the user. These apps include Clock Vault – Hide Photos, Videos & Hide Files, Clock Photo Locker – Keep Safe Secret Clock Vault, Photo, Video Locker – Calculator, App lock password – Lock apps, Hide Photos, Video and App Lock – Hide It Pro, Keep Lock – App Lock & Protect Privacy, Time Locker – Hide Pictures, Files & App lock and many more apps are available.


Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video

Some apps are based on premium and others are free of cost. Premium is the money that you have to pay in returns of app services. This money many in the terms of dollar but mostly depends on the users or client states currency. Apps that are offers premium they are mostly are professional base. And quit expensive for the users that are local.

Apps that without premium that it means that you do not have to pay any kind of money to the app developers in returns of services. In this case apps developers get money or take rewards by using different techniques. For example, in Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video they offer ads and take money from ads holders. Some other technique is paly instant games that in turns of services.


Now here is the question how you will get this app (Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video)

The simple method of this apps you can install these incredible apps (Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video) in your device. The first of all is that visit to the google play and apple play store. Then search the app (Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video) by mentioning the producers then install this app on your smart device.

            Then makes an account by sharing your basic details that details include which kind of call make you uncomfortable, name, email account, number. And for the security connect this app with you google account. After that connect these apps gives the complete access to the media gallery, video and audio folder. 


Feature of this app is given below 

  • It fulfils the primary need of the client that is security.
  • Makes your data confidential.
  • Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video random person this app will look normally like an application that is used to see time set alarms, with different templates, but behind it you can secure your personal/private data that you don’t want others to see
  • Gives different templates that makes your life comfortable.
  • You can save data 
  • Helps to hide files 
  • Also this app can able to hide audio recording.
  • This app is free of cost.
  • Do not have to pay premium. 
  • Make your life comfortable.
  • Gives notification when someone try to access your personal details.
  • Do not delete data without taking permission.
  • Protected by google paly and apple paly store.   


Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos, video offers different template that makes your device incredible.


If some ones try to access you files that hide that may be audio video and picture, then server gives the complete notification with time location and the picture of spy.



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