OneClick Downloader Apk For Android

 We use different social apps, and people post different stories, videos, and pictures. Sometimes you like someone’s story and you feel awkward saying inbox me your story. Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and much other application. You use different apps for videos or picture downloading. 

Now you do not need to download the other application. Install the one-click downloader and enjoy the app. This application will download Whatsapp status, Instagram stories and videos, and  Facebook stories and videos in just one click. Now you do not need to say that I like your story and send it to me.

No need to worry about the app. This application is completely safe does not harm your mobile, and protects your personal information safe. This will not save your downloads at the server, import the videos and images in the gallery in a separate folder. This application is lightweight, will not harm the device, and will never affect the battery. This application is not associated with other social apps, it has the downloading tool to download videos, stories, or statuses. 

Comforts of OneClick Downloader:

Generally, this application is free of cost and accessed by everyone, and can easily be downloaded from the play store.

This application has the following benefits that are given below;

Cost-efficient: This application is free of cost and everyone will approach it easily, and easily find it from the Google play store just type OneClick downloader and find the application. You can download the status and stories free of cost.

Quality: The quality of the downloaded video is also very good. You choose the different resolution which you want to choose. Choose the video format that your mobile storage will allow. People loved to watch videos of good quality. Choose the quality you want and enjoy the good video format.

Minimum internet usage: One-click downloader will use the minimum amount of internet, and download the best quality as possible. If you download the same video from the internet, it may be costly, if you use One-click downloader this will download the videos with the minimum usage of the internet. Hence it’s not costly it’s affordable.

Videos are permanently saved in the phone’s memory: Downloaded videos are permanently saved in your phone storage until you want to keep them. you can watch it any time you want. Usually, the statuses are disappears, while this will saves your downloads permanently.

Easy downloading process: This application will have a very easy format, easy to use, but it contains some ads. This will download the video in just a single click. Install the application and enjoy the multiple features the app.

Features of One-click downloader:

This application will have a friendly format, features of the application are given below;

It works all the time but consumes a minimum battery.

It will support the multiple version of Whatsapp, and the download status of Whatsapp of any version.

You can download any kind of video, on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

Good quality of the video.

Free of cost.

Useless internet.

Easy to use.

Share it with friends.

Saves your download into the device’s internal storage.


This application is offered by “Achak Developers” and released on March 8, 2022. This application needs some permission to access the mobile phone.

Following are the permissions request to access the mobile;

This app has requested to access media files to read and modify the deleted content of USB storage.

Access to the storage to read and modify the content of the USB storage.

Receive data from the internet.

View full network connection.

Prevents your phone from sleeping.

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