Firewall No Root For Android

Millions of apps are available on the play store and we don’t know that about the app info. Many apps want permission to request access to the mobile, these types of applications want access to your files and steal your information and hack your mobile phone.

Now you have not to need to worry about these unwanted source apps. Install the “Firewall No Root”  application from the Google play store. This application will provide you the complete security, and protect you from criminals and another unwanted sources. Save your mobile phone from hacking. 

This application will block these apps and does not require the internet for blocking. This is a powerful application for the android and the initiative user interface. It protects you from hackers and also notifies you when unknown apps will try to send data from the internet. This will filter the apps which are wasting the mobile data, and allow and deny the individual connection.

No need to worry about the app. This application is completely safe and protects your privacy. This application is like a safeguard for you. Gives you the complete privacy policy, and does not saves your information. 

Comforts of “Firewall No Root” application:

This application is very beneficial for you and acts as a safeguard. Here are some comforts of application; 

It will save you from the 3rd party and provides you the free protection against hackers and criminals.

This application is based on Artificial intelligence (AI) and other detection methods.

This will protect you from malware apps, connections, and other links. Sometimes you receive different links, free internet, mobile phone, etc. These types of links are the malware connection links, that interrupt your mobile information. But this application will save you from all types of unknown sources and unwanted malicious apps.

This will control the personal incoming and outcoming traffic.

Filter your all mobile apps which are wasting the mobile data.

This application will block all the connections and apps that harm your device and steals your data.

This application has an easy format, but it takes a few seconds to start up.

Protects you from cyber attacks.

Secure your privacy policy.

Stop downloading the malware app.

Notify you that something is going wrong or block the unwanted source.

The protect star is specially developed to block unwanted access by known intelligence services and Government organizations.

Features of “Firewall No Root” application:

This application contains the multiple features,  features of the application are given below;

Firewall control all the traffic.

Enhance the protection against outgoing connections.

Automatic update of the AI engine.

This will block all the background system apps.

There is no root required.

Reduce battery consumption.

High and secure Firewall.

Lightweight app.

Secure and safe.

Create custom firewall rules.

How Firewall No Root Work?:

  • Install the “Firewall No Root” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Read all the instructions, and click on accept.
  • you will see the page with three icons, Apps, Filters, and logs.
  • At the top right corner, you find an option of setting.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see the sliding button off out on.
  • Set the App, and enjoy the multiple features of the app. 


  • This application is offered by Protecstar lnc, and released on Nov 26, 2020. This application may need some permissions to request access to the mobile phone.
  • Following are the permissions that may request access;
  • This application access to a phone to read the phone status and identity.
  • Control the vibrations.
  • Prevents your phone from sleeping.
  • View WLAN connections.
  • Full network access.
  • Wants full network connection.
  • Receive data from the internet.
  • Run at startup.


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