WhatsApp Chat Locker Application

WhatsApp is the most using app in our daily routine, Whatsapp has changed our life indirectly. WhatsApp does not provide you the chat lock feature, you may have some private chats and you want that nobody opens your chats then this application will solve your problem you can put a lock on your chats, apply a different lock on different chats, keep secure your private chats, and group chats from others also provide you fingerprint if your mobile supports fingerprint feature.

This application has a very easy format, easy to use. You can apply 4 digit password same or different from the lock screen, without a pin no one can check your messages. This lock will not apply automatically, you have to set it from the locker app. This application is a safeguard for your chats.

This lock provides you the security from unauthorized transactions. This is completely safe, free, and has no limitations. Never drain the mobile’s battery. No one can open your chats without your permission. Users give positive reviews about this application. The developer adds some ads to this application.

How to use Chat Locker For WhatsApp:

Download the “Chat locker” app from the Google play store.

Open the app.

Create a four-digit password.

Accepts the permissions.

Enjoy the chat locker.

The superiority of Chat Locker For WhatsApp:

Provides security to your group chats and private chats.

It does not drain your mobile battery.

You can lock WhatsApp and chats only.

Update the messenger applications and then apply the chat lock it will give you the batter experience.

It supports pin and fingerprint.

Protects your chats from others.

It uses less space and does not share your data.

A personal guard provides security to your private chats.

You can easily protect your WhatsApp chats from friends who borrow your mobile phone.

You can go outside by leaving your mobile on charging without the fear of someone reading chats.

It focuses on your privacy.

It will save you from criminals if you handed your mobile to someone.

No one has unauthorized access to your chats.

it offers you dual password protection.

Pin/ fingerprint lock ensures that only a registered fingerprint can unlock the device.

This provides you the end to end encrypted lock features.

Protect your WhatsApp payment.

Protect your private chats from 3rd party.

Features of Chat Locker For WhatsApp:

It has no limitation.

Best lock for private chats and group chats.

It will support a pin and fingerprint lock.

This application does not affect mobile batteries.

Keep your data safe not steals any information.

Provides you the complete lock for WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Protects you from unauthorized access.

This application contains some ads.

Amazing locker.

Lock your archive chats.

Apply different passwords to different groups and chats.

Apply Pin/fingerprint different from the lock screen.

Rest the password.

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