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Information is the most powerful resource in the world, whoever holds the information is considered the king. Now have you thought why information is important? Information creates opportunities gives you heads up and keeps update with the world. You can determine what to do with information or how to set up your recourse to achieve that information. Once you have collected, it totally up to you to what you desire with that information. Either you can mask it for you own benefit or you can spread it to your benefit.

Now this is an era of technology! So how do you get information? That’s right through the most common usable device on planet earth, through your mobile phone. There are two ways you get information, either you search for it by using mediums such as internet surfing or social media surfing or, you get information through the platforms you are logged in or in touch with via notification. These notification determine when and how you get the information. Most of the multimillion dollar companies pay a lot of money to show you these pop up notification that attract the users into buying or visiting their site. So as you are now aware of the importance of notifications, don’t you think you should determine how you get it?

One Shade: Custom Notification

One shade: custom notification is an application that allows you to receive the notification to your liking, it comes with some custom features that you can adjust to your liking. So how does this application work?

Developers Information:

This application is developed by, treydev Inc. This is a free to use application that is available on play store with 1+ million download and with a rating of tremendous 4.1/ 05 with mostly positive reviews. This an up to date application that is in touch with the users and solves the bugs and errors on the regular basis. The design of the application. One shade: custom notification is inspire by the one in one UI system, like the one present in the Samsung phones, so it is designed to give you the best experience.

Additional information:

You can download this application from play store, it is a free to use application, in which you are not required to make an account, just download allow some of the permissions and you are ready to go. Although the application is free to download but there are some of the in app purchases that you can get for the premium add free usage.

Key features:

There are some of the key features of this application which are the reason this application is a phenomenon and provides the users with the up to date and custom experience. The key features are given below.

  1. Color customization:

     Using this feature you can take the base layout of your notification bar and change the default coloring and customize it however you like it to, you can change the color of the elements themselves. This feature takes you out of the basic view and enjoy the new one.

  1. Advance notification:

    Are you a fan of multi-tasking and fast work, then by using this app you can in the notification bar read, snooze and dismiss a notification without having the need to open the other app itself.

  1. Advance music: 

    By this feature you can change the music skip the music or change the album basic colors in the notification bar without the need to open the app itself.

  1. Quick reply and auto bundled:

    By using this feature you can reply the message or notification as soon as you see it and on the other hand you can snooze the application which is spamming you with unwanted notification.

  1. Notification theme:

     There are a total of 3 themes for this application: light, colored and dark. You can customize them to your liking.

  1. Picture:

      Are you bored of looking at your quick assess bar with light or dark background, then you can change the background to any picture to your liking even your own picture, change it and show your friends.

  1. Quick setting panel:
  • Change brightness slider color
  • Show useful app icons with your current device information
  • Different tile icon shapes, circle, square, teardrop, gradients etc.
  • Change the grid layout of the quick setting layout. Change the no of rows and columns. 

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