Net Blocker – Block internet per apk


Net Blocker – Block internet per app

Mostly observe that most issues occur after the accessing internet. These issues are related to cybersecurity such as Hidden Ads, Fake Apps, Adware, Lead Bolt, Backdoors, Rooting, SMS Fraud, Key Logger, Exploits, Bank Bots, Joker, Loki Bot, etc. sometimes parents install games for children but they are not aware with internet hackers.

To make sure to secure the account it is necessary to keep away your device’s fake apps. Such types of apps drain battery, affect privacy, and can slow down the device. By seeing this kind of problem the simple apps introduce Net Blocker – Block internet per app.

This app helps to block apps from the internet connection this is important because many apps are stealing personal data or need the internet for playing ads. It’s a waste of MBs to connect with the internet unnecessarily.

How can you use Net Blocker – Block internet per app?

It is easy to block apps from the internet. Install from google play or apple play store then create an account by sharing your personal details. After that nominate apps which you want to block

After nomination manages notifications, and the most think is that Net Blocker – Block internet per-app sets up on a local VPN interface to be able to block the network traffic of apps without root.

Features of Net Blocker – Block internet per app are given below

  • Safe and easy to use
  • No root required
  • Makes your device efficient
  • Make sure your confidentiality
  • Support Android 5.1 and up

Important components of Net Blocker – Block internet per app are given below

  • This app is based on VPN services if you turn on Net Blocker – Block internet per app then your device can not able to operate with other VPNs.
  • If any services have IM (instant message response) then you have to block them from the google play store as well.
  • This app is not able to block Dual Messenger apps because it is a Samsung device feature not completely supported by VPN.
  • If you turn on battery saving mode and ultra-saving mode then mobile data is turned off generally when Net Blocker – Block internet per app is activated then the app will work continuously without any interference.

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