Files by google Apk

Files by Google

Google was first registered in 1997, and goggle gained attention in 2003. Google is the company that makes its market value as a search engine initial now google makes fabulous apps that include Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Play, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Lens, Google Sky Maps, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Google Forms, Google Meet and many more. Today we are going to discussing about files by google.

Files by Google is working as the file manager, which helps to operate your device. It is any other kind of file and app manager that helps to manage the account. Wants to get rid of typical file managers that are not able to secure data.

For storage, problems need other apps and devices that help to keep data. But the problem is here is that apps are secure. But there is a big question mark on the performance, efficiency, security, convertibility, and most important authenticity of the app.


For files by google visit the google and apple play stores, install files by google, and create an account by sharing details and link the file manager with a mobile phone number and google account for security.

Features of Files by Google are given below

  • Offers extra space for more storage
  • Give search options for finding files quickly.
  • Auto backup of data
  • Make your device efficient
  • Easily manage files
  • Easy to operate

Why move to different apps when one app gives the same feature and options, save storage just install a file by google to save storage as well as get extra.

  • Auto backup of data

You don’t have to upload data from time to time just install the file by google that gives the option for auto backup data which makes differs from other file managers.

  • Offers extra space for more storage

Files by Google offers this incredible property only one tap you can get extra space to delete pictures, import data, export data, delete videos, and many more.

  • Give search options for finding files quickly

You can find any document or a certain file that you lost, with one click you can easily assess that. Just search name on the top bar and gives the command.

Apps that are similar to files by google

  • File Master: Manage & Clean
  • Solid Explorer File Manager
  • File Commander Manager& Cloud
  • X-plore File Manager
  • File Manager Pro frees up space for WhatsApp status save
  • File Manager File Explorer
  • Cx File Explorer
  • Simple File Manager: Explorer
  • Share Me: File sharing
  • Amaze File Manager

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