Ehsas Programe

During the covid-19 in lockdown, people will not have jobs no sources of income, poverty spread everywhere. In this situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ahsas program by giving 14000 to the poor to fulfill their essential needs. Protecting the nation from poverty and for social safety started the Ahsas program in March 2019. Imran khan protects the welfare state of Pakistan, a welfare state in the form of a Government that protects and promotes the social well-being of its citizen.

When Covid-19 is at its peak people are jobless, PM has promised that improve the poverty and welfare state of Pakistan, By following this rule he announce this program to help those people, especially laborers who earned day by day and did not have the other source of income, poor, needy, and sick persons, giving them cash amount to improve their economic conditions.

Every private and Government sector is closed due to the lockdown, people are at home, no source earning, in this situation Prime minister of Pakistan fulfilled his promise and provides some amount to help the nation in this critical condition, Also providing the free covid vaccination all over Pakistan at hospitals and vaccinated the people through the teams at home.

In this pandemic, situation study is also disturbed, for online study students have no devices for study from homes and do not have the suitable economic conditions at every home. He provides different scholarships to the students to continue their further studies.

The list of  further Ahsas programs is given below:

  • Poverty Alleviation and social safety Division
  • Ehsaas Education stipends
  • Ehsas Rashan Riya
  • Ehsaas kafaalat
  • Ehsaas Amdan
  • Ehsaas nashunuma
  • Ehsaas Interest-free loans
  • Ehsaas langars
  • Ehsaas Scholarships
  • How to apply for the Ahsas program:
  • Type your CNIC number and send it to 8171 from your registered sim number.
  • They will respond to you within a few days, whether you are eligible or not.
  • Check your database knowing about your economic condition.
  • They will send you the message to receive your cash.
  • Either send you the message you are eligible for the ehsas program or not.

Eligibility criteria for the Ahsas program:

  • For sick persons
  • Poor and needy persons
  • The monthly income is less than 45000
  • Having no source of income.
  • Backward class people
  • Ahsas program has two main pillars, one is Ehsas emergency cash and the other one is ehsaa flat. This emergency cash is for the covid-19 pandemic situation while Ehsas kafala is the unconditional cash transfer monthly of 2000 rupees.

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