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Where do you go when you want to listen to a song, want to learn something, and want to watch a movie, or get some technical information? And so much more? What other platform does YOUTUBE give this kind of resources in one touch? YouTube is a platform that is used by millions and almost once in everyone’s lifetime they have heard about YouTube in their life. This platform is so easy to use that even illiterate people who don’t know what the platform is can use it. To put it in simple terms one who has a smartphone knows how to use YouTube. 

FUN FACT:  YouTube is the 2nd most used website after Google itself, and almost half of the people around the world with internet access use YouTube.

The platform itself has become so common and so famous that on all android devices this application comes built-in. already installed and ready to go in one touch. YouTube was first introduced in 2005, there were about 0.8 billion users at that time on YouTube, and was a famous platform from the begging.


The type of content on YouTube can be in many forms, it all depends on the uniqueness of your channel and idea and your hard work that matters. You can upload anything on YouTube within the boundaries of the terms and policies of YouTube. And there isn’t a need to say this but 1st rule of YouTube is personal content unique to you, you can’t just post others content. The following are different types of content available on YouTube.

  • Academics: there is a wide variety of study material available on YouTube almost everything that you search on YouTube regarding the martial you want to study or learn and are having a tough time within the books you can learn here.
  • Language: There are different and qualified teachers that are on YouTube that can teach you different kinds of languages that you might need somewhere or are of your personal interest.
  • Cartoons: children love cartoons and perhaps these are the only escape parents get from the children for a while, as they calm the child down and they get to learn a different kind of stuff through them. To get a better idea the 4th most subscribed channel on YouTube is cartoons.
  1. Technical channels:  these include all the tech channels that are out there, whether they are unboxing ones, review ones informatory ones which include a tutorial for different applications, websites, and earning review channels.
  2. Vlogs: these are the content creators that post daily updates about their personal experiences and their daily life, they can differ in the form of roast air funny content that is on the basis of daily life experiences.
  3. Movies: movies are the most comment content available on YouTube, in the free version of YouTube there are about 60% of the movies that you can get for a free while by purchasing the premium version one can get access to all the movies series posted on YouTube.
  4. Songs: there are a wide variety of songs available on YouTube and perhaps the most famous content available on YouTube is the songs. They are in almost every language and the most viewed a liked video is actually a song video, with the name of Despasito, getting around 7 billion views and 48 million likes it is by far the most-watched video on YouTube.

There is a wide variety of other content available on YouTube if we try to put them on the list I assume they wouldn’t end, so it’s an open world and the time is yours to go and explore what other content is available on YouTube.


This platform that we talked about is a dual usage platform where two different types of people engage and get what they desired. The two of them are given below:

  1. Viewers
  2. Content creators; or earners


These are the normal people who visit YouTube for the desired content watch it and get information entertainment or whatever their purpose was and leave they subscribe share and like what they like.

Content creators:

These are the real deal. These are the people who upload the videos that we see. There is one basic purpose of these people to earn, how do they do it? Following are the steps.

  1. You create your content.
  2. You upload your content.
  3. YouTube algorithm shares t\your content with people around the world and you get views.
  4. While people view your content they get added to the video which is called pop-up ads, the algorithm of YouTube counts these ads and in return, you get paid for these ads. 

But there is a catch to it. As we discussed the policy system of YouTube, there are certain requirements that are to be met before you are to start earning they are given below.

  1. 1000 subscribers
  2. 4000 hours of watch time 
  3. Verification of your email
  4. In return you get monetized on YouTube and start earning.

However, to meet these requirements for beginners is quite difficult and almost half of the new content creators leave the channel for good and stop uploading. But as you go on and are committed to yourself and the content it is no different task.


  • Ask for subscribers:  perhaps the simplest and the easiest one of the strategies is to ask people to subscribe to you if they watch your content they liked content they will, and asking for subscribers lets you engage with the people more.
  • Teasing upcoming work: this is a strategy used by series and seasons to tease the upcoming work to generate a sense of suspense among the viewers to visit your channel again and again and engage more with your content.
  •  Verify account: unverified accounts are not able to make a video of more than 15 minutes, if you want to make your content longer more detailed, and get that 400 hours done verify your account.
  • Community building: engage with the viewers of the video in the comment section and other platforms to build a community that prospers together, as you build a relationship with the viewers they are more likely to see and keep watching.
  • Contests: contests are the best short ways through which you can get more subscribers and viewers, run a contest where the requirements are simple join, subscribe, get 5 of your friends to subscribe, and enter the lot. This engages you with new people who are now aware of your channel and are interested more.
  • Channel building: build a channel that has accustom trailer custom icon and a description that is specific to you, get a custom URL, brand your videos, and use colorful attractive thumbnails to attract the people.
  • Daily uploads and strategic display: set a time frame in which you have to upload the video and do not under any circumstance break it, upload video constantly, make a playlist and strategically upload a video that one playlist doesn’t get involved with other.
  • Showcase your content on other mediums: other mediums can be Facebook, Instagram Twitter pint rest, WhatsApp and many more leave the custom URL there so they can engage with your videos from there.
  • Ask a friend for help: you can ask your friend for help and tell them to revolve your custom URL around to get the content and channel.
  • Collaborate with other creators: by using this method you share your ideas with other creators and get some subscribers from there as well.


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