3D Wallpaper App

Wallpapers are used for interior decorations. There are different applications for the wallpaper, you can create wallpapers for yourself in different styles, add your pictures in different frames to create a different look of the picture, make 3D wallpapers, and use these wallpapers in the video, you can create photos by using different wallpapers. “3D photo cube live wallpaper”.

You can make photos more beautiful and set them as wallpaper. This application is unique and cool, that can be fully customized with your background photo as well as your cube photos. Add different photos in one cube-like one cube is for childhood, one cube for with parents, and one cube for with friends. you can add more background pictures and add music to the background.

Send these decorated wallpapers to your friends and family and enjoy the more features of this application.

This application is fully safe this will not collect your pictures or never save data at the server, this will always save in your android’s internal storage, so no need to worry. The developer adds some ads to it.


Best Option of 3D photo Cube Live Wallpaper

  • Create cube videos will different wallpapers.
  • Set the photo in a frame
  • Different styles of frames.
  • Create and edit pictures, add pictures to video and apply background soundAt the top of the front page, you see five further options,
  • The cube will rotate in 3d dimension and display three pictures rotating cube.
  • The different background is available.
  • Show different pictures on each side of the cube.
  • Never disturbs your privacy, contains the privacy policy.
  • You can share it directly with your friends.
  • This will allow you to apply crafted photo frames and wallpapers.
  • Create a square collage of your pictures.
  • This will enhance your creativity.
  • It contains the HD quality frames and wallpapers

Permissions  to access:

  • It will access your camera for taking pictures and videos.
  • This will read the contents of your SD card.
  • Modify the deleted content of your SD card.
  • It has full network access.
  • This will prevent your phone from sleeping.
  • Run at startup.
  • Receive data from the internet.
  • Set wallpaper.

How to use a 3D photo cube application:

  • Install the “3D photo cube live wallpaper” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the application.
  • Allow access to your device files.
  • Click on the start icon.
  • You see the page contains some options, select the background, change a photo, change frame, settings, and set wallpaper.
  • share, rate, more, privacy, and create the video.
  • Select the option according to your requirement and enjoy the app.


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