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Islam is the largest state and region, Pakistan is known as the global center of Islam. We follow Quran and sunnah and live our lives according to Islam, In our daily routine we have many questions and confusion. we are in search of appropriate and satisfying answers to his question, watching many videos, reading Islamic books, and asking from different people. But this application has removed your all worries. You can find everything related to Islam.


This application provides the translation of the Quran in many languages, Tafseer of the Quran. This is the complete guide. Read the Quran translation from Tahir-Ul-Quadri, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Allama Hassan Razvi, Nighat Hashmi, Abul Alaa Moudid, Mufti Taki Usmani, etc. Read word-by-word translation from Arabic to Urdu. Also, search the alphabetical order of words, type words in Roman, Urdu, English, and find their meanings.

Choose any surah and start reading, easily find any surah and ayah, directly jump to another ayah. Also, search the Arabic Root Words, root words are those which are created by applying prefixes and suffixes, to create an original root word. You can subscribe to the app. This app may contain some ads.

Benefits of Islam360 Mobile App:

You can find the translation of the Holy Quran author that you want.
Search a lot of meanings in different languages.
Read the Tafseer of the Quran.
Save the bookmarks and recordings share them with others.
It can also provide you with an audio or video translation of the Quran.
You can also search the Holy Quran by its subject and topic which is listed alphabetically in Urdu and English language, you can find it easily.
You can also add your articles to this application.

This will increase your knowledge.
Provides you with all information about Islam.
You can find different Tasbeeh.
This will also update you on the coming Islamic dates, provides you with the Islamic calendar.
You can also check the namaz timing.
It will provide you with all references from the hadith book.
You can also share this with your friends, family, and groups.
There are 27 Qaida lessons with audio also pictures of lessons are available.
No need for any tutor, you can learn at home.
This app is beneficial for all.
From this app, you can also check the direction of Qibla.

Islam 360 continuously adds more books and makes this app more informatic for humans.
14 Main point of Islam360
Provides you with the Islamic calendar.
Search words, surah, Ayah.
99 names Allah with meaning in Urdu, English, and also in Arabic.
Tafseer and translation of the Quran Pak.
Search from the boot words.
Read the seven primary books on Hadith.
Read two secondary books on Hadith.
Filter the chapter and pages of the book.
Audio is also available.
Also, Read the original Ahdadit in Arabic.
Also provides references.
Complete details on each Hadith are provided.
How to use Islam360 App:
Install the Islam 360 application from the Google play store.
Open the app.
Click on continue.
For a batter, the experience turns on the Google location service.
After that select the language.
login if you want.
The home page display the ayat of the day, and some Islamic videos.


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