Calender Lock Photo Apk For Android

Want some secure place!!!! Need privacy!! Secure base!!

Calendar lock photo vault information

As we know the world is globalized and extremely advanced. As you know there are some advantages as well as some disadvantages are that make us alert about sensitive information. Surprisingly you have to be alert to everyone including you!!! Seems strange yes!!! Its reality 

Apart from this bitter reality, you should have to take some precautions that make you secure your life, information, and data. We are heard about many of the cases that are related to privacy issues 

Let’s share some conditions 

In your absence, does your college try to check your data?

Might be possible some business competitors want your sensitive information?

Might be possible for some who want to assess data that you never share with someone?

Calendar lock photo vault information is the solution to your every problem it gives you a secure base of your data. With the help of this app, you can create private space, unload data, and give you extra space for a collection of information. This app can save you documents, pdf, etc.

Features of this app 

  • Private space 
  • Sure data 
  • Document drive
  • Finger lock
  • Face lock 
  • Pin 
  • Pattern

How to use that feature 

  • As we know in this computer generation as the human beings progress more and more advanced technologies are introduced, this advancement brings a lot of issues. Some issues might be a league of data, and this data may be your office documents, personal pictures, videos any content that you never want to share with someone.
  • Through Calendar lock photo vault information you can apply figure lock to your photos, as we know humans have a unique characteristic that is fingerprint. You can apply your fingerprint that does not match with other fellows and friends.
  • You can download this app from the play store as well as you can also assess with the help of the apple store.


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